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Corson Learning

Corson Learning organically grew out of Cheryl Corson’s experience sitting for the LARE (Landscape Architecture Registration Examination). In 2013, within months of receiving her landscape architecture license Cheryl offered her first webinar to help others find targeted resources, a sense of community, and a supportive mentor on their LARE journey. She has since helped nearly 1,000 people become licensed landscape architects.

Corson Learning has expanded to include instruction on sustainable landscape maintenance, based on Cheryl’s 2017 award-winning Sustainable Landscape Maintenance Manual. Cheryl advocates collaboration between design professionals, contractors, and owners to nurture high performance landscapes over time.

Cheryl’s love of collaboration plus over 15 years as a CPSI (Certified Playground Safety Inspector), has further led to consulting to other design professionals on creating exciting playgrounds and outdoor learning environments. She consults with others sitting for the CPSI exam, and occasionally serves as an expert witness.

Cheryl Corson at ASLA Expo with landscape architects Tiffany May and Colin Brown

Live Workshops

Cheryl has led one and two-day LARE prep workshops in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Virginia, Maryland, San Juan, and Seattle. Contact Cheryl if you prefer a workshop setting or would like to schedule one for your firm or organization.

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Cheryl explains LARE Prep offerings – 1:50

Recent Testimonials

Washington Chapter ASLA

We received a lot of positive feedback from attendees including that it helped solidify their thoughts and motivated people to take the test sooner than anticipated.

Great news! I passed Section 4! Thank you so much for your help! Your testing insights and advice on study materials really helped focus my attention. Your webinars, personal email correspondence and phone call discussions gave me the encouragement and guidance I needed through the dark LARE forest. Now on to Section 3.

I have passed Section 4 and now have completed the LARE! I participated in both your Section 3 and 4 webinars. Thank you very much for your hard work and encouragement to all of us.

Cheryl, your compassion was huge for me, more than you can know. I kept telling myself, ‘if she failed it, and then passed it, so can I.’ So thank you.