Passing LARE Section 1

Passing LARE Section 1

The Project and Construction Management section may intimidate some folks who have not worked on or managed larger projects, but it is entirely possible to master this exam content, which includes the bidding and construction administration phases, and, as of 2017, landscape maintenance practices and procedures.  Recent exam candidates have reported that Cheryl Corson’s 2017 Sustainable Landscape Maintenance Manual, has been helpful in preparing for LARE Section 1.

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© Cheryl Corson | Longwood Gardens, Kennett Square, Pennsylvania, Fountain and terrace renovation by Beyer, Blider Belle

Getting Ready videos (watch on your own any time, 60-90 minutes)

  • What to study, itemized in great detail
  • Where to find study materials in all media
  • Keeping a positive attitude, pass rates, scoring
  • Study habits, settings, memory tricks, schedule (new videos will be added to keep current)

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Getting Set videos on exam content (watch on your own any time, 60 minutes)

  • Site Selection, siting program elements, program development, adjacency considerations, spatial standards
  • Circulation and safety for pedestrians, bikes, and cars, ADA
  • Project types, drive-up windows, stacking lanes, residential complexes, recreation facilities
  • Sustainability considerations, material selection, fire and crime deterrents, noise reduction
  • Which graphics to use to express things, design phases and construction sequencing (new videos will be added to keep current)

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GO! videos on LARE specific test taking strategies (watch on your own any time, 75 minutes)

  • Using the weeks and days right before the exam wisely
  • How to effectively spend your time during the exam
  • Dissecting multiple response questions so you know what they’re really asking
  • Using the skip, flag, and review functions to your best advantage
  • How to sort questions to maximize right and left brain function, and more

Live Interactive GO! Q&A Sessions are included with your registration (this topic combines Sections 1 & 2).

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Questions? ask

Here’s a preview of some of the information that will be covered: Land8 Lounge article.

Note: A portion of Corson Learning proceeds are donated to LABASH, the annual student-led landscape architecture conference.

Recent Testimonials

With your help I passed Section 3 & 4 on my first try. I appreciate your pairing down of all the study material making my study sessions very efficient.

Cheryl, your compassion was huge for me, more than you can know. I kept telling myself, ‘if she failed it, and then passed it, so can I.’ So thank you.

Thank you, Cheryl you have made the licensing process more sane! You webinars are a great value to our profession!

I wanted to thank you for your assistance in passing the LARE. Your site was very helpful at directing the focus of my studying. The information you provided was more current and detailed than other study resources I was able to find. Your site saved me both time and money. It kept me from purchasing unnecessary books and prevented me from committing time to study unneeded books, chapters or topics. I will gladly recommend your services to any other friends or colleagues who take the exam in the future. Thank you again!

Photo credit: © Cheryl Corson
Bethesda, Maryland, Renovated native plant and permeable paver office entry by Cheryl Corson Design, LLC

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Two-day LARE Prep workshop hosted by the Colegio de Arquitectos 7 Arquitectos Paisajistas de Puerto Rico, June 2017, three months before Hurricane Maria