Great news! I passed Section 4! Thank you so much for your help! Your testing insights and advice on study materials really helped focus my attention. Your webinars, personal email correspondence and phone call discussions gave me the encouragement and guidance I needed through the dark LARE forest. Now on to Section 3.

I have passed Section 4 and now have completed the LARE! I participated in both your Section 3 and 4 webinars. Thank you very much for your hard work and encouragement to all of us.

I wanted to thank you for your assistance in passing the LARE.  Your site was very helpful at directing the focus of my studying.  The information you provided was more current and detailed than other study resources I was able to find.  Your site saved me both time and money.  It kept me from purchasing unnecessary books and prevented me from committing time to study unneeded books, chapters or topics.  I will gladly recommend your services to any other friends or colleagues who take the exam in the future.  Thank you again!

I took section 4 yesterday.  I used your strategy of going through all the purely verbal questions first, and then going back to do the more complex spatial/visual/numeric ones. It really helped me so much - I ended up with plenty of time for the test. And your review of the content allowed me to focus my last days of review, and dig up a few missing items.Thank you so much Cheryl for hosting this webinar.  You are super sweet and incredibly helpful.

The webinars have been really helpful and give great insight into the testing format. Thank you for being one of the only sources for review!

With your help I passed Section 3 & 4 on my first try. I appreciate your pairing down of all the study material making my study sessions very efficient.

Last year I also got licensed (yeah!), and once again want to THANK YOU for your Sec 4 webinar. The tips and tricks you taught were invaluable to me for passing Sec 4 the second time. Your webinar convinced me that I could get through Sec 4, that subject knowledge wasn't what I was lacking, but test taking strategies is where I needed to  focus. Hopefully you have received positive feedback from many others for your invaluable contribution to successfully passing the LARE. You are not only an excellent instructor, but a sincere motivator as well! Thank you Thank you!

Cheryl, your compassion was huge for me, more than you can know. I kept telling myself, ‘if she failed it, and then passed it, so can I.’ So thank you.

Thank you, Cheryl you have made the licensing process more sane! You webinars are a great value to our profession!

Just needed to share that I passed Section 4 and I thank you so very much for assisting me! Talk soon, I am now going to indulge in some bubbly.

I’m so excited to send this message! I passed section 4!! Thanks so much for your positive messages and clear guidance.  I am now able to get my stamp.  I’m done.  Closing that chapter, on to the next! I wanted to pass on my experience in the exam to you.  The first time I took section 4 I flagged a ton of questions.  I finished the first run through with 30 minutes to spare.  I did not review many of my flagged questions.  I’m not sure I answered all questions. This second time was TOTALLY different.  You won’t believe this, but I finished all questions with an hour and a half left.  I only flagged probably 10 questions.  I took 2 breaks.  It was insane. Going in to the second exam I was really doubtful that I would be able to take a break.  I couldn’t believe you recommended it!  But it REALLY helped.  The other super helpful advice you give is the books you recommend reading and your study tips. I really appreciate that you whittled down the list of books to the bare essentials.  And reading time saver standards thoroughly was so important.  Your study tips really helped me as I have so little time. Putting aside even 45 minutes before sleeping was great.  I actually enjoyed it and even want to keep up the habit.  I couldn’t go outside for much of the study period as it was bitter cold, but the day before the exam it was warm and sunny and I sat in a park and reviewed my notes.  Really great.  That tip to learn outdoors helped a lot even in how I teach my children. Thanks so much! I’m so happy! I will pass on your name to other test takers for sure!

I knew the results had come out today and I didn’t want to look. I had a horrible night before the exam and I was barely able to sleep.  For the last month I have been preparing mentally to retake section 4. I finally logged in tonight to see the results and I passed!!!! I am ecstatic and wanted to share the news.  Your sessions really made a difference and I wish I had known about them when I started taking the exams a year ago.  Thank you for all of your encouragement!

I just wanted to say thank you for the study tips, recommended books and webinars.  Although I didn't pass, my score did increase by 138 points and I just missed the cut at 641.  I’ll keep studying the information you recommended and try to make fewer mistakes next time :).  Thanks again.

I really credit your Section 4 webinar to help narrow in my focus on study material… so I guess I have to say… THANK YOU Cheryl. If you lived closer I’d give you a big hug!!!

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