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Marietta, Pennsylvania


Components of LARE Success

Passing the LARE with ease involves more than just knowing the subject matter, though that is important. This video describes four critical elements needed to successfully master these challenging exams.

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About Corson Learning

Corson Learning helps design professionals prepare for licensure and certification exams while deepening their understanding of exam content and its practical applications.

LARE Section 3

This section covers design of everything from city streets to bio-retention, and knowledge of how a typical project progresses within an office and with community input.

LARE Section 4

This section requires knowing how to bring a project to fruition by producing construction documents, specifications, and bidding documents, plus knowing construction detailing and grading.

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Great news! I passed Section 4! Thank you so much for your help! Your testing insights and advice on study materials really helped focus my attention. Your webinars, personal email correspondence and phone call discussions gave me the encouragement and guidance I needed through the dark LARE forest. Now on to Section 3.

I have passed Section 4 and now have completed the LARE! I participated in both your Section 3 and 4 webinars. Thank you very much for your hard work and encouragement to all of us.

I wanted to thank you for your assistance in passing the LARE. Your site was very helpful at directing the focus of my studying. The information you provided was more current and detailed than other study resources I was able to find. Your site saved me both time and money. It kept me from purchasing unnecessary books and prevented me from committing time to study unneeded books, chapters or topics. I will gladly recommend your services to any other friends or colleagues who take the exam in the future. Thank you again!

I took section 4 yesterday. I used your strategy of going through all the purely verbal questions first, and then going back to do the more complex spatial/visual/numeric ones. It really helped me so much - I ended up with plenty of time for the test. And your review of the content allowed me to focus my last days of review, and dig up a few missing items.Thank you so much Cheryl for hosting this webinar. You are super sweet and incredibly helpful.

The webinars have been really helpful and give great insight into the testing format. Thank you for being one of the only sources for review!

With your help I passed Section 3 & 4 on my first try. I appreciate your pairing down of all the study material making my study sessions very efficient.

Last year I also got licensed (yeah!), and once again want to THANK YOU for your Sec 4 webinar. The tips and tricks you taught were invaluable to me for passing Sec 4 the second time. Your webinar convinced me that I could get through Sec 4, that subject knowledge wasn't what I was lacking, but test taking strategies is where I needed to focus. Hopefully you have received positive feedback from many others for your invaluable contribution to successfully passing the LARE. You are not only an excellent instructor, but a sincere motivator as well! Thank you Thank you!

Cheryl, your compassion was huge for me, more than you can know. I kept telling myself, ‘if she failed it, and then passed it, so can I.’ So thank you.

I signed up for you webinars to give me the confidence and motivation I needed to get through Test 4. It was not easy, but I was able to pass 1 in April, 2 & 3 in August, and 4 in December. Your webinars/videos for Section 4 really helped me stay on track and keep up the stamina to get through this in a year.

Download Cheryl's Award-winning Book

Cheryl Corson draws on decades of design and management practice to present the broadest framework within which landscape property managers, contractors, and design professionals may create customized, site-specific sustainable landscape maintenance plans.

Many resources exist offering guidance on maintaining Stormwater BMPs (best management practices), but nothing on how to sustainably manage properties so that design intent, historic resources, the regulatory environment, and worker safety are also accounted for. This manual supports a new communication paradigm between designer, contractor, and client which places the landscape itself at the forefront of maintenance decisions.

With financial and in-kind support from the District of Columbia Department of Energy & Environment, the Chesapeake Conservation Landscaping Council, the Low Impact Development Center, and the Maryland Sea Grant College, this manual was written to serve as the maintenance reference for the Chesapeake Bay Landscape Professional (CBLP) voluntary certification program.

The book is available for free download here:

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